300: The Empire by Theo Papas

By Theo Papas

Nation. Freedom. Democracy.
How a lot could you sacrifice to guard them?

480 B. C.
Proud Xerxes, Emperor of Persia and King of Kings, invades Greece with 1000000 squaddies. He instructions hundreds of thousands of ships and is supported through dozens of allies, between them the captivating Queen Artemisia.
Against him stand a couple of Greek opponents and made up our minds males - Leonidas and his 300 Spartans on dry land, the personification of bravery and patriotism; and Themistocles and the fleet of Athens at the sea, the incarnation of ingenuity and approach.
Can they cease him?


An epic ebook concerning the first nice warfare in background, a warfare that made up our minds the destiny of humanity, western civilization and democracy.
A difficult yet deeply human novel approximately honor, dignity and tragic love beaten among the blade of a sword and the blood of conflict.

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AMERIOLA (-ae), a town in the land of the Sabines, destroyed by the Romans. AMESTRlTUS (-i), a town in the N. of Sicily not far from the coast. AMJDA (-ae), a city in Sophene (Armenia Major) on the upper Tigris. XMILCAR. ] AM1SIA or 1MISIUS (-i Ems), a river in known to the Ro: northern Germany well mans. MISUS (-i), a large city on the coast of Pontus, on a bay of the Euxine Sea, called after it (Amisenus Sinus). Mithridates enlarged it, and made it one of his residences. iMITERNUM (4), one of the most ancient towns of the Sabines, on the Aternus, the birthplace of the historian Sallust.

Lacmon, and flowing into the Ionian sea river of the near Apollonia. A. MEA and named or -IA in A. CiBSTirs or (-ae). (1) honor of his wife Apama. AD MAEANDRUM, (2) a great city nils sea. Anadyomene," or Venus rising out of the The goddess was wringing her hair, and the falling drops of water formed a transparent silver veil around her form. APELLICON, of Teos, a Peripatetic philosopher and great collector of books. O. 83) : Apellicon had died just before. JLPENI^INUS (-i) (probably from MONS, the Celtic Pen, "a height"), the Apennines, a chain of mountains running throughout Italy from N.

O. he received the provinces of the Greater PhrygJa, Lycia, and Pamphylia. On the death of the regent Antipater, in 319, he aspired to the sovereignty of Asia. In 316 he defeated and put Enmenes to death, after a struggle of nearly 3 years. ) from the sea, in a beautiful valley. O. 300, who called it Antiochia in honor of his father Antiochus, and peopled it chiefly from the neighboring city of ANTIGONIA. It was one of the earliest strongholds of the Christian fjiith ; the first place where the Christian name was used (Acts xi.

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