A Crash Course in Mathematica by Stephan Kaufmann

By Stephan Kaufmann

This compact advent to Mathematicaaccessible to newcomers in any respect levelspresents the fundamental parts of the newest model three (front §End.txt.Int.:, kernel, typical packages). utilizing examples and workouts now not particular to a systematic sector, it teaches readers find out how to successfully clear up difficulties of their personal box. The cross-platform CD-ROM includes the whole booklet within the kind of Mathematica notebooks, together with colour photographs, animations, and links, plus this system MathReader.

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A -> Power: : infy: Out[113)= 0 Infinite expression 1 encountered. o {x --,) ComplexInfinity} We see here, that the function Solve does not take special cases into consideration. Technically speaking, it only delivers a generic solution. The Reduce function helps us further. It creates a logical expression containing all special cases. In[114):= Out[114)= Reduce[ax==b, x] b == 0 && a == The logical or is written 0 I I a"* 0 && x == ab I I, the logical and as &&, and unequal as *" or ! = . 58 Part 1 • Inequalities The Inequal i tySol ve function is defined in the Algebra' Inequal i tySol ve' package.

In[78):= Out[78)= In[79):= Out[79)= myExpandl [a] 1 + 2 a + a2 myExpand2 [a] 1 + 2 a + a2 But if we evaluate them for a sum, this sum is simply substituted for x in the first version. In[80):= Out[80)= myExpandl [a + b] 1 + 2 (a + b) + (a + b) 2 On the other hand, with a delayed definition the sum is substituted and the Expand of the resulting expression is then calculated. In[81):= Out[81)= myExpand2 [a + b] 1 + 2 a + a2 + 2 b + 2 a b + b 2 • Rules of Thumb for Definitions We can keep to the rule of thumb that immediate definitions serve as shortcuts for fixed values of symbols or patterns.

Clicking the button on the palette automatically applies the function to the selection in the notebook, evaluating "on location". BasicCalculations: contains the most important commands for simple calculations. 35 The Basics BasicInput: it makes sense to leave this palette on your screen. ). BasicTypesetting: an alternative or supplement to Basic Input containing many symbols, but no formulas. CompleteCharacters: almost all special characters imaginable, organized by subject. InternationaiCharacters: this palette is useful if the needed international characters are not on your keyboard.

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