A Monograph of the Ithomiidae [ Lepidoptera ] Volume 111: by Richard M. . Fox

By Richard M. . Fox

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Arising from this angle is a short but strong recurrent vein. MALE GENITALIA: Tegumen is hood-like and extends well anteriorad of the vinculum, more so in hewitsonii (fig. 44) than in dercyllidas (fig. 43). The uncus is as long as the tegumen in dercyllidas, but only two-thirds as long in hewitsonii, and has a downcurved hook at its posterior end. The gnathos is present. In hewitsonii it is membranous and placed 39 41 44 145 §A< FIGS. 39-43. Patricia dercyllidas dercyllidas. 39. Palpus of male.

Olyras crathis montagui Butler Plate 2, figure 8; text figures 46-50 Olyras montagui BUTLER, 1870, p. 490. KIRBY, 1871, p. 640. BUTLER, 1873 (1869-1874), p. 138, pl. 50, fig. 1. BUTLER AND DRUCE, 1874, p. 331. KIRBY, 1877, p. 693. GODMAN AND SALVIN, 1879 (1879-1901), p. 7. STAUDINGER, 1885 (1884-1888), p. 56. SCHATZ, 1885 (1885-1892), pl. 10, fig. 10a; 1886 (1885-1892), pp. 89-90. HAASE, 1893, p. 53 (typographical error, montagnei). HAENSCH, 1903, p. 158; 1905, pp. 143, 158; 1909, p. 117 (typographical error, montagni).

H. banosana, new subspecies . . . . . . . . . Eutresis dilucida Staudinger Plate 1, figure 5; text figure 37 Eutresis dilucida STAUDINGER, 1885 (18841888), p. 57; Chiriqui. HAENSCH, 1909, p. 117. BRYK, 1937b, p. 455. Eutresis pethoe GILLOTT, 1925, pp. 249-250; Irazu, Costa Rica. RILEY AND GABRIEL, 1925, p. 39. BRYK, 1937b, p. 455. Fox, 1950, p. 179. The types of pethoe, a male and a female from "South eastern slopes of Irazu, Costa Rica," are in the British Museum (Natural History). A male in the Carnegie Museum was purchased by Holland from Staudinger and bears the latter's determination as E.

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