A Research Annual by Kenneth R. Miller (Eds.)

By Kenneth R. Miller (Eds.)


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Biol. 94: 425-440. Verkleij, A. , Gemtsen, W. , Demel, R. A.. Van Deenen. L. L. , and Ververgaert, P. J. (1973) Biochim. Biophys. Acta 291: 577-581. Verkleij, A. J.. Mombers. , Leunissen-Bijvelt, J.. and Ververgaert. P. H. J. (1979) Nature Lond. 279: 162-163. THE BRUSH BORDER: A MODEL FOR STRUCTURE, BIOCHEMISTRY, MOTILITY, AND ASSEMBLY OF THE CYTOSKELETON David R. Burgess 1. INTRODUCTION The absorptive cell of the intestinal epithelium is a highly polarized columnar cell 20 p m in height whose chief function is the transport of nutrients.

I found that ATP-dependent contractions occurred with enough force to pull apart the junctional complex. At the same time another report appeared in which terminal web contractions were noted in isolated brush borders and were attributed to inter-rootlet contractions with the myosin in the terminal web (Keller and Mooseker, 1982). Interestingly, neither study found that contraction required Ca++,but only that ATP was required. We argue against inter-rootlet contractions because (1) inter-rootlet distances do not appear to decrease and (2) slight contractions cause only the microvilli adjacent to the ring to fan out.

This ring mediates in uitro brush-border motility and will be discussed later. Several other proteins associated with the cytoskeleton have been localized or functionally assigned to the terminal web without being precisely localized to a specific domain. , 1981). DAVID R. BURGESS 44 Some of the terminal web proteins have been the subject of intensive investigation and will be discussed in some detail, whereas other proteins have only been identified as brush-border proteins by immunolocalization studies and will be considered briefly in functional terms.

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