ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University by Gary Rosenzweig

By Gary Rosenzweig

Gary Rosenzweig's ActionScript 3.0 video game Programming college exhibits you ways to exploit ActionScript, the programming language at the back of Flash CS3 specialist. the teachings train you the entire fundamentals of ActionScript programming via video game examples, however the code might be simply tailored to non-game-oriented initiatives, corresponding to internet education and ads. Written through a real-world Flash developer, this ebook offers you with the resource code of sixteen whole video games and lays the root that you can create your individual video games. Gary additionally offers a better half site -, which incorporates records, updates, new content material, Gary's weblog and masses extra.

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We can also set its angle of rotation using the rotation property. rotation = 10; addChild(myMovieClip); 44 Chapter 2: ActionScript Game Elements Although this looks like a lot of work for only one movie clip, ActionScript makes it easy to add multiple copies of a movie clip. The following code will create 10 copies of the Mascot, with horizontal locations changing from left to right by 50 pixels. 3. The first Mascot is at the top, at location 275,100. The other Mascots are spread out from 50 to 500 at vertical location 300, and scaled 50 percent.

And ||. 0, you could use the keywords and and or as alternatives to && and ||. These are no longer accepted. if ((myValue == 1) && (myString == “This”)) { doSomething(); } Loops Looping is done with the for statement or the while statement. The for statement has three parts: the initial statement, a condition, and a change statement. For instance, the following code sets the variable i to zero, loops as long as it is less than ten, and increases the value of i each time through the loop: for(var i:int=0;i<10;i++) { doSomething(); } You can use the break command to exit a loop at any time.

At the default High setting, the Flash player renders the image at high resolution to get the best anti-aliasing effects at the edges of vector shapes. Changing it to Medium lessens the resolution of anti-aliasing, but increases the performance of the movie. Using Auto High means that it will try to use the High setting, but drop down to Medium if playback is too slow. Using Low quality will remove all anti-aliasing, but offers the highest playback speed. ActionScript Game Programming Checklist When you are building a Flash game, there are a lot of factors to consider.

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