Active Java: Object-Oriented Programming for the World Wide by Adam Freeman, Darrel Ince

By Adam Freeman, Darrel Ince

Covers the most principles at the back of the language and gives a radical advent to new recommendations and concerns linked to utilizing Java. Illustrated all through with examples. Paper.

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Casting involves the enclosure of a data type within round brackets. An example of this is shown below: int cVal = (int) realVar; Here the integer variable cVal is given the value of the integer part of the real variable realVar. 2 First class objects Java treats some data types as objects and hence the message passing mechanism shown in the previous chapter can be used with these data types. The two important examples of data types treated as objects are arrays and strings. An example of an array declaration is shown below: int newBuffer[] = new int[10]; This declares the variable newBuffer to be an array of integers which will have space for ten integers.

The network interface class library. This vitally important library contains classes which are used to communicate within a network. They extend the facilities that are available in the I/O class library and provide ways of, for example, connecting to other interfaces such as Telnet. This has been a very brief introduction to the extensive library of classes that are provided with the Java system. Chapters 6 to 9 will provide much more detail and give you plenty of examples of the use of these libraries in developing applets and Java applications.

We suspect that for those readers who are C programmers this will prove a major hurdle which they will need to overcome. Throughout the book we will try to present examples of good practice which show how cleaner and more easily maintainable code can be developed without the goto. Our only advice to the reader is to persevere: one of the authors (DCI) learned programming with a language where gotos were unavoidable and found the switch to another language, where their use was violently discouraged, something of a difficulty; however, what he found was that after a comparatively short period of pain (about three days) a programming style which did not rely on goto statements came quite naturally.

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