AdvancED Flex application development : building rich media by R Blank; et al

By R Blank; et al

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Forums enable the many-to-many communication that helps answer basic questions, helps people connect, and creates vibrant, interesting threads on random topics. As I mentioned, the vBulletin forums that we launched at LA Flash in 2004 contributed greatly to the growth and evolution of our group. Forum topics are of two general types: technology-related and region-related. Before the RMX, LA Flash and FiTO hosted separate forums. While much of the content generated by each group would not be of interest to members of the other (for instance, upcoming LA events have little relevance to a Canadian), much of the content—especially posts and questions about Flash and ActionScript—is relevant to both groups.

When studying Russian at a summer immersion program, I remember a course offered in word roots, prefixes, and suffixes. There is a set of a few hundred keywords that form, in one way or another, a huge portion of the Russian lexicon. Many of the students who took that class could subsequently understand a large number of words (even really big and intimidating ones) they’d never previously encountered. The world of Internet applications shares a similar concept, and indeed, it is the fundamental concept on which Flex is based.

You can hire most any good web programmer, give him a copy of this book, and he’s off! And so, as Flex gains acceptance within the developer communities, the coding side of the Flash Platform is going to mature at a far more rapid rate than it has to date. And, as the visual and design experiences offered by the Flash authoring tool continue to wow and amaze, more and more creative types will be drawn to that tool, to blow out the possible experiences. Summary In this chapter, we dove right into the contributions of Flash technology to the amazing richness currently offered by the Web, and how Flex is adding to the sophistication and diversity of experiences enabled by Flash.

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