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Demographischer Impact in städtischen Wohnquartieren: Entwicklungsszenarien und Handlungsoptionen (Quartiersforschung) (German Edition)

Auch schon weit vor 1975 warfare klar, dass unsere Gesellschaft unweigerlich auf einen demographischen Umbruch zusteuern musste, zumal nur wenige Pha- mene so zuverlassig prognostizierbar sind wie die naturliche Bevolkerungse- wicklung. Und dennoch: Die Entwicklung wurde lange Zeit (politisch) v- drangt, obwohl Experten immer wieder warnten.

Design of Experiments: A No-Name Approach (Statistics: A Series of Textbooks and Monographs)

Provides a unique method of the statistical layout of experiments, delivering an easy solution to specify and review all attainable designs with no regulations to periods of named designs. The paintings additionally offers a systematic layout approach from the popularity level to implementation and summarization.

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2. The Language o/Psalm 18:6-18 The following tables seek to provide a basis for a statistical comparison of the vocabulary used in the texts that are of relevance to the present study. While the acquaintance with the terminology of the warrior and God of heaven metaphors in the specific text is endeavoured, it will be interesting to note what kind of semantic word-fields l20 can be established for our metaphors. , one of the two metaphors under consideration. C. C. Gunkel (1968); (3) post-exilic period - Deissler (1963); (4) Maccabean period - Duhm (1922).

The translation is designed to be close to the text provided in BHS. This will at times produce a less elegant style. IIlm which would alter the meaning to: 'shake back and forth, toss or reel to and fro'. 2Sa 22:8 reads mi0101 but in accordance with the following verb-forms, MT seems preferable. , as a variant for C'iOT which is not explicable from mere text-critical considerations. Commentators generally follow MT. T? [1ElR] iii" 'his nose became hot for him' -the expression appears here in its eclipsed fonti.

4. l verse or even just in allusive form. It therefore appears advisable to make a judicious selection of texts that are suitable for the internal-comparative part of the study. , the occurrence must be part of a larger unit in which the metaphor is represented, forming a cluster of texts in which the metaphor is the main theme. 81 The psalms in which the respective metaphor quantitatively occurred the most were naturally considered with preference. , the warrior and the God of heaven metaphor, overlapping occurrences that share the two metaphors will be included and approached with special consideration.

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