Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity by Luke Timothy Johnson

By Luke Timothy Johnson

Luke Timothy Johnson does it back. This such a lot artistic and realized interpreter of latest testomony and early church heritage demanding situations his readers to exploit 4 new interpretive different types to discover Jewish, Christian, and Gentile faith. Scales fall from readers' eyes as they see accepted texts in interesting and awesome new methods. for instance, why should still it's astonishing that new converts in Galatia desired to upload circumcision to baptism? in any case, the non secular practices with which they have been primary invited deeper degrees of initiation.

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Notice how this small phrase opens the way to a more neutral analysis of religious phenomena. The issue is not whose ultimate is truly ultimate; the issue is the way a response to something as ultimate gives rise to certain behav­ iors. Religious experience therefore always involves an element of interpreta­ tion, not simply after the event but in the experiencing itself. 17 I can "see" some­ thing powerful as the work of the Holy Spirit only because my symbolic world contains a Holy Spirit that allows such sight.

54 De­ fenders of providence faced the same challenges as did the defenders of God's justice within monotheistic systems, namely, the evidence to the contrary sug­ gesting that the evil go unpunished and that the good do not prosper. 57 Both allegorical interpretation and the search for an ordering principle supe­ rior to the anthropomorphic gods, however, remained within the framework A Preliminary Profile of Greco-Roman Religion 39 and depended on the normative status of polytheism. They did not represent a rejection but rather a refinement of the religious system that pervaded Greco­ Roman culture and gave it definition.

Z4-27). Other novels are being examined not for their plot and characterization, but for the way they depict social realities and reli­ gious sensibilities. H. J. Cadbury once remarked that Chariton of Aphrodisias' novel, Chaereas and Callirhoe, contained more similarities to the idiom and ideas of the Acts of the Apostles than did any other ancient text. 55 Other literature is read with new interest in light of archaeology. 56 Similarly, Pliny the El­ der's Historia Naturalis, Strabo's Geography, and especially Pausanius' Descrip­ tion of Greece find new pertinence for the study of Greco-Roman religion to the extent that they can be correlated with (or corrected by) new knowledge derived from archaeology.

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