An Atlas of Anatomy Basic to Radiology by Isadore Meschan

By Isadore Meschan

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S. For diagnostic examinations in general: (a) Gonodol es­ posure must be minimized. With suitable cones and diapllragJu and special lead protective devices, the gonads can be kept out or the direct beam in most cases. In particular, shielding ofthe testes can be practiced without much difficulty or inconvenience. (b) Bz. pert assistance and calibration should be sought for every x-ray machine installation. Dosage factors should be established at tabletop, and the maximum permissible fluoroscopic time posted; tests must ascertain that there is no radiation leakage from the :K­ ray tube housing.

Public at Large Here the main concern is the genetic hazard. The dose for those below age 30 must not exceed 5 rems plus the lowest possi­ ble contribution from medical procedures. Since the background varies in different parts of the country, this is excluded from con­ sideration. Also, the dose of 5 rems is actually an average figure which includes those who are occupationally exposed - and thus the average for the rest of the popUlation is less. It is estimated that the general population is exposed to about 3 rems from background radiation and about 3 rems from diagnostic proce­ dures.

84:359-368, 1960. Seltser, R.. and Sartwell. P. : Ionizing radiation and longevity of physicians. , 166:585587, 1958. , and Sartwell, P. : The effect of occupational exposure to radiation on the mortality of physicians. , 190: 1 046- 1 048 , 1 964 . Simon, N . , Muller, H. , Tessmer, C. F . , and Henry, H. : Side effects of radiation: Genetics, car­ cinogenesis, aging, and leukemogenesis. Lippincott's Medical Science, 1 5:69- 77 , 1964. Simpson, C. , Hempelmann, L. , and Fuller, L. : Neoplasia in children treated with x-rays i n infancy for thymic enlargement.

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