An introduction to lambda calculus by Barendregt & Barendsen

By Barendregt & Barendsen

This publication offers a accomplished creation to Lambda Calculus.

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You wouldn’t ordinarily compute a value and discard the result; you would either print it out in the Message window or store it in a variable (a container for data). Below, the result of the calculation is stored in a variable that is arbitrarily named myValue (see “Variable Storage Classes and Data Types” later in this chapter for details on variables). set myValue = power (10, 2) If you don’t store the result in a variable, the function still returns a result that can be used in other expressions (see Chapter 5, Data Types and Expressions).

Variables and Properties on readGlobal global gMyValue put gMyValue end Test it from the Message window: initGlobal readGlobal -- 27 Here the error is reversed. The programmer forgot to declare gMyValue as a global in the first handler. on initGlobal -- gMyValue is treated as a local variable. -- Setting it has no effect outside the handler. set gMyValue = 27 end initGlobal on readGlobal global gMyValue -- The global, also named gMyValue, defaults to VOID put gMyValue end Test it from the Message window: initGlobal readGlobal -- Void Using a global incorrectly as a parameter: It is acceptable, even common, to pass a global as an argument to a function (see “Parameters and Arguments” later in this chapter).

A movie script is a script cast member whose type is set to Movie in the script cast member’s info window). Handlers in movie scripts can be “seen” from the Message window or any other script in the same Director movie (even from scripts in other linked castLibs) because they have universal scope. 12 Chapter 1 – How Lingo Thinks Lingo Scripting Basics If two handlers in the same script cast member have the same name, Director will complain. Neither should you use two handlers with the same name in two different movie scripts because the first handler found will intercept all function calls using that name, and the second handler will always be ignored.

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