Ancient Beroea. Prosopography and Society (Μελετήματα 8) by Argyro Tataki (Τατάκη, Αργυρώ)

By Argyro Tataki (Τατάκη, Αργυρώ)

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Kontoleon, Nea Smyrne, September 9, 1889 (no. 3937); see also PB no. 270. 56 ANCIENT BEROEA: PROSOPOGRAPHY AND SOCIETY from the Russian Archaeological Institute at Constantinople, which resulted in the publication of nine inscriptions by the then young M. 110 The next increase in the number of inscriptions known from Beroea was the contribution of A. 112 J. "3 The first article devoted exclusively to inscriptions from Beroea appeared in 1912. B. M. "5 Inscriptions that had been taken at some time from Beroea to Thessalonike were published in an article by Ch.

135. See Ch. Makaronas, Makedonika 2 (1941 - 52) 626-27 and N. Kotzias, ArchEph 1953/54 III 167-75. 136. O. , AA 57 (1942) 172-87, figs 40-50; a total of 30 inscribed monuments were presented, which were found in 1939 according to Walter, in 1940 according to Ch. Makaronas, Makedonika 2 (1941-52) 626. 137. See Ch. Makaronas, Makedonika 2 (1941-52) 627 n. 2. 138. Andronikos, Epigraphai 7-32, pis I-IV. 139. See PB no. 216 for the bibliography. 140. Andronikos, Epigraphai 8. 141. See V. Kallipolitis, Studies Robinson II (1953) 371-73, pi.

Rostovtzeff, Bull. Inst. Russe à Constantinople 4 (1899) 166-88. 110. See A. Plassart, BCH 47 (1923) 183 where the repetitions are briefly noted and, at the same time, references are given to the basic publications of inscriptions from Beroea after the publication of Demitsas' work. See also the bibliography by E. Ziebarth for the years 1894 - 1919, included in the recent reprint of Demitsas {supra n. 101) vol. II pp. V-VI. 111. A. Struck, Makedonische Fahrten II (Wien 1908) 26-44. 112. Α. Struck, AM Π (1902) 315-16 nos 29-37; see also Plassart, op.

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