ISO,IEC1539-1.Fortran-2000 draft standard

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92). 102) returns a kind value based on specified precision and decimal range requirements. 21 22 23 24 25 (R408) A boz-literal-constant shall appear only as a data-stmt-constant in a DATA statement, as the actual argument associated with the dummy argument A of the numeric intrinsic functions DBLE, REAL or INT, or as the actual argument associated with the X or Y dummy argument of the intrinsic CMPLX function. 2 for remarks concerning selection of approximation methods. 26 27 28 29 30 31 The real type includes a zero value.

3 1 2 Relationship of types and values to objects 7 8 The name of a type serves as a type specifier and may be used to declare objects of that type. A declaration specifies the type of a named object. A data object may be declared explicitly or implicitly. Data objects may have attributes in addition to their types. Section 5 describes the way in which a data object is declared and how its type and other attributes are specified. 9 10 11 Scalar data of any intrinsic or derived type may be shaped in a rectangular pattern to compose an array of the same type and type parameters.

8 9 10 If a procedure is defined by means of a companion processor that is not the Fortran processor itself, this standard refers to the C function that defines the procedure, although the procedure need not be defined by means of the C programming language. 7 A companion processor might or might not be a mechanism that conforms to the requirements of the C standard. 3 of the C standard. SEP 2002 COMMITTEE DRAFT 21 ISO/IEC 1539-1 22 COMMITTEE DRAFT COMMITTEE DRAFT SEP 2002 SEP 2002 SEP 2002 1 COMMITTEE DRAFT ISO/IEC 1539-1 Section 3: Characters, lexical tokens, and source form 3 This section describes the Fortran character set and the various lexical tokens such as names and operators.

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