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A player will typicall) execute a smash when his or her opponent has returned a ball that bounces too high and/or too close to the net. Smashing is essentially self-explanatory -large backswing and rapid acceleration imparting as much speed on the ball as possible. The goal of a smash is to get the ball to move so quickly that the opponent simply cannot return it. Because the ball speed is the main aim of this shot, often the spin on the ball is something other than topspin. Sidespin can be used effectively with a smash to alter the ball's trajectory significantly, although most intermediate players will smash the ball with little or no spin.

Parts of the field For some limited-over matches, there are two additional field markings. 4 m) to the length of the pitch. This line, commonly known as the "circle". divides the field into an infield and outfield. 7 m). centred on each wicket and often marked by dots. define the "close-infield". e fielding restrictions. Placements of players Fielding positions in cricket for a right-handed batsman. The named positions are only indicative: the fielders may stand anywhere. The bowler and wicket-keeper are always in roughly the same position, and there are only nine other fielders, so there are always many unprotected areas.

For a more over-the-table style of play. In contrast. another style. <;ometillle<; referred to as the Japanese penhold grip. er<; out across the bach. of the racket. et for an a\\a)-froill-the-table style of play. Penhold styles are popular among players originating from Asian regions such as China. lapan, and South Korea. Table Tcnnl~ 31 Traditionally. penhold players use ani) one side of the racket to hit the ball during normal pia). The side which is in contact with the last three finger~ is generally not used.

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